What is Mobile Therapy?

Sometimes deciding to get in-home therapy services or health care for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult decision. You may live far away or don’t have the time to manage a family member’s care. Coastal Occupational Therapy’s mobile services is a solution that can provide quality care without compromising finances, safety, comfort or independence.

Many caregivers are managing the care of aging parents while raising children of their own and working full-time jobs. Some days, they just need to catch a break!

Mobile therapy services from Coastal OT is just the break these medical decision-makers and their families are looking for! The convenience of a medical professional coming to the home rather than a senior heading out to an office is a game-changer. Imagine the time you can save – not to mention the stress to the senior who will spend hours away from home which can be exhausting.


Who Pays for Mobile Medical Services?


Medicare Supplements

Secondary Insurance

Private Pay


Who Can Use Mobile Therapy Services?

Anyone! Coastal OT’s Mobile Therapy Services will provide care to individuals in independent living facilities, assisted living, memory care, group care homes, and private homes. Meeting the seniors where they live is a significant part of caring for the whole person.


What are the Benefits of Mobile Therapy Services?

One of the biggest benefits of a Mobile Therapy Service is the convenience. The value of not having to wait in a busy lobby while your medical provider is running late cannot be measured! Additionally, the individualized attention you receive in your home ensures that the provider can understand the whole person – where they live, and what physical obstacles may be in the home help to create a plan of care based on first-hand observations.


Other Benefits of Mobile Providers

Access to Other Mobile Medical Providers

Individualized attention and treatment

Custom care plans that include your home environment


A Mobile Therapy Service provider takes into consideration the living environment to make appropriate recommendations. For a daughter who is trying to care for an aging parent while maintaining their own home and juggling a full-time job, a medical provider who sees you, hears you, and is seeing what you see in the home of your aging loved one can make all the difference in positive outcomes. Coastal Occupational Therapy’s experienced and compassionate therapists will meet you where you are!